Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Post 11

I really liked how she is making kids at such a young age use technology. I believe that skype, blogs, and all the other tools that she used will only grow in popularity with everyone as the days go by. In today's world we need to know how to use every bit of technology that we can, because in the long run it will only benefit us. I will definitely use the smartboard in my classroom along with blogs where I will post all of the homework assignments that way kids that have the opportunity to work ahead and ask questions about assignments before it is too late. To me there will be many benefits, one being that as I already mentioned the kids can work ahead, also if they have questions they can send them to me right away and I will be able to answer their question that night instead of having to wait until the next day of class to do so. This will save a lot of time during classes and I believe we will be able to cover much more important material in the time that we have in class. Here is a link to the video she put together to show the materials she uses.


  1. Hi Samuel,
    I really enjoyed watching the video about all the materials she uses and saw the kids actually using it. It was so fascinating and humbling all at the same time because these kids could probably do more than I could. I agree with you about all the benefits you will see from using a class blog in the future.

  2. I was really impressed with the knowledge that Ms. Cassidy's students possessed concerning technology. They certainly seemed to enjoy the process as well as the outcome of their projects. I agree with your idea of posting homework assignments to your class blog. I think that this is a wonderful way to communicate with your students. A class blog would also be a great way to involve the parents of your students, allowing them to stay current on classroom events . Great suggestions!